Anyone considering making property investment in Australia needs to know the right place to invest. Some places have become too expensive. Brisbane is one place full of opportunities in Australia. It is exhibiting characteristics of a moderate but steadily growing property investment capital. However, your capital greatly determines where in Brisbane you can make an investment. Your strategy will greatly determine your net returns. It is not easy to tell with certainty that a suburb is going to grow economically into a real estate. However, the demand and supply can give a clue on the direction of property investment and help make an informed decision.

If you are trying to do research on property investment Brisbane, you can directly go to real estate investment experts who will help you make a correct decision. However, if you plan to do it yourself, you should consider the following highlights:

Demand and Supply Statistics

When researching the property market some of the things you should consider when conducting your due diligence are as follows:

Supply and Demand Statistics

This is one of the greatest factors to asses when choosing a place to invest. It influences both rental and capital growth. Property pricing fluctuates in response to shifting demand and supply. If demand is high while supply is low, the pricing escalates-basic law of economics.

When assessing demand and supply, you will need to consider factors such as auction clearance rate, discount rate, vacancy rates, % property on the market and rental availability. Look for a trend that indicates increase in demand for it will help void investing in already hot and non-price escalating markets.

Infrastructure investment

Upcoming infrastructure is a good indicator of positive property growth. It is also an indicator of long-term survival of property investment. An area with developed infrastructure is appealing to stay. It will attract more job seekers and the value of the rentals property will go high due to demand for accommodation.

Population Growth

The faster a population of a place grows, the more the number of renters grows and property demand as well as value goes high. A real estate investor should be attracted to a place that has a growing demand for residential property.


Moderately priced accommodation property has higher demand that highly priced ones. Building real estate should reflect affordability for you to get market. Building overpriced estate in a place whose economy supply financial gain to support its rental is not advisable.


Historic trends do not indicate bright or dull future property investment worth but it is important to know if the place has always been on top of other or if it was on the bottom and now its climbing rankings.

With these factors, you can be able to determine if it is wise to make property investment in Brisbane.

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